Who Is Amp'd For

6th - 12th Grade Students


Weekly Bible based discussions and lessons, Social Events and Special Trips


When Does Amp'd Meet

Sunday Mornings After Praise & Worship
Wednesday Nights from 7-8:30pm

Where Does Amp'd Meet

In the Amp'd room located down the left hallway as you enter the church.

Why Does Amp'd Exist

It is the goal of Amp'd leadership to show students that all the answers to life's questions can be found in the Bible. And to demonstrate God has a plan and purpose for their life.


Uprising Cover.jpg

Sunday Morning Series
mar - apr

The Uprising is our teaching series covering the death and resurrection of Jesus. Encourgae your student to attend each service and remember the Easter season is always a great time to invite someone to join you.

SuperCharged V Draft.png

SuperCharged V Draft
Apr 29

SuperCharged is our annual Summer long Bible trivia tournament. April 29th will be the day that students are drafted to their teams and begin creating their team names and working with their group.


SuperCharged 2018
May - Jul

SuperCharged will begin on May 6th with the teams getting the schedule and reading materials for each game. The tournament will last through July.


Parents Day
Jun 24

Join us for our 2nd Semi-Annual Parent Day. The Amp'd leadership team will communicate important information to parents about what will be happening in Amp'd for the upcoming months. Refreshments provided.


Summer Blast
Jun 30

Amp'd will be hosting a Summer Blast event for all of our students. Enjoy an awesome game of slip and slide kickball and some great food.

Attributes of God Title.jpg

Sunday Morning Series
Aug - sep

Amp'd will be learning the attributes of God in this teaching series.

Proverbs Cover.jpg

Sunday Morning Series
Oct - Nov

This teaching series will share Godly wisdom for their lives based on the instrucitons in the book of Proverbs.

Bible Study.png



We'll be continuing our study of God's attributes with love and justice including what is Gods wrath.


Every summer we transform our Sunday morning sessions into an over the top Bible Trivia Tournament! Students read scripture, study passages and partner with their teams to answer questions and win games throughout the tournament. The top 3 teams throughout the season go on to play in our Family Sunday SuperCharged Showdown where the winner gets to share a team meal out with the Pastors!


Being the parent of a student is full of challenges. Amp'd hopes to partner with you and your student to lead them on a journey with Christ. Take a moment to learn about our volunteers and how you can connect with us.


pastors titus & bethany

"We are excited to connect and guide students through their journey always pointing them to Christ!"





amp'd messages

Succesful communication with parents and guardians of our students is essential to this ministry. We have an exclusive Amp'd text messaging system for you. For more details, see any youth leader during your next visit to PHWC.